How to Get Rid of an Old Car

Got your eyes on a shiny new car? You may be wondering what to do with the old one. Luckily, there are lots of options out there to choose from, so you can get the most money for your old vehicle or get rid of it as quickly as possible. Sell it to a scrapyard […]


Mighty Majestic Tower Cranes

Have you ever stared up in awe at a tall building and wondered how on earth someone managed to build something so high? Take the Q1 building on the Gold Coast, for example. As the tallest building in Australia, it has a height of 322m from ground to top. It is truly amazing how human […]


How to Safely Use Motorbikes for Farming Tasks

Working on a farm has a certain level of risk, most of it comes with the equipment that is being used. Agricultural motorbikes are really useful on the farm, they help to get jobs done fast and they are excellent for transport purposes. But there are a lot of farm-related injuries that occur from the […]

Car Rental

How To Rent A Car In Tallinn As A Tourist

You should have in mind that owning a vehicle will provide you with exceptional convenience and freedom when it comes to traveling through Europe. You will be able to go by following your own pace, get into places that are hard-to-reach by using public transportation. However, some things are different in Europe when compared with […]

Car Dealer

Not All Car Dealers Are Created Equally

The time has come to make a vehicle purchase. Maybe it’s your first vehicle and you’re looking for something reliable and safe with a little flash to it. Or perhaps it is just time to replace your current vehicle with something more current and efficient. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of car dealers in […]


Top rental services to go for

Ethoz Group is known to provide lcr rental for various types and kinds of business need. It comes across as best alternative for owners that are looking to optimize their trade operations in the best possible way. It offers for wide range of rental services which includes lorry rental, car rental, van rental and other […]