Why is Auto Maintenance Critical?

The average car is made up of around 30,000 separate components, some more critical than others and when it comes to service time, you should book your car in at a local brake specialist in Sandhurst and they can carry out the recommended tasks, which ensure that your driving experience will be a smooth one.

Essential engine maintenance

Whether diesel or petrol, your car’s engine needs an oil replacement; over time, engine oil breaks down and loses some its essential properties, so it must be removed, the system flushed out and new oil put in. The oil filter must also be replaced, along with the air filter and a tag with the mileage for the next oil change is left hanging on the indicator arm to remind you. The intervals could be from 3,000 – 8,000 miles; this would be stated in the owner’s manual.


If you are driving at 70mph along the fast lane of the motorway and your engine seizes, this could be catastrophic; brakes need to be inspected, as do steering components. There are two sides to a car service; firstly, essential oil change can occur and secondly, the mechanic can give the car a good inspection and should he find any issues, they can be promptly dealt with.

Maintaining the value of the vehicle

The term, FSH means full service history, which tells a potential buyer that the car has been well-taken care of and hence, the price is good. After each service, the garage details the work carried out and uses their rubber stamp for certification.

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