Luxury Cars – Are They That Good?

If I ask you right now what the main purpose of a car is, what would you tell me? The most likely answer is transportation. Indeed, that is what vehicles are made for, right? But then everybody should be considering a car with mainly that idea in mind. Yet that is rarely the case.

The truth is that nowadays cars are much more than transportation devices. They are used as a statement piece, but can also be a business decision as well. Depending on your needs you may consider one a workhorse, or a fortress. However, what is the most common trend that we notice these days? Luxury!

Most car manufacturers are looking to sell you an experience, not utility. And truth be told, there is nothing wrong with that. That way of advertising is employed by companies in all industries – from real estate agencies to auto transport companies. But you are surely asking yourself whether the price tag reflects the quality. This is what we are going to explore now.

Attention to Detail

If we have to be completely honest, you really have to understand that luxury is not about performance. While many sports cars also fall under the luxury branding, this is just a correlation. The fact of the matter is that “luxury” is more of an aesthetic term than anything else.

This is why it is not uncommon for cheaper sports vehicles to outperform much more expensive luxury ones. You cannot reasonably expect a Mercedes S-Class to perform on the level of a Subaru sports car, even though the price discrepancy can be staggering.

What you can expect, however, is a much more refined vehicle. This gets more noticeable the more time you spend with the car. For example, the interior of almost all luxury vehicles is crafted to perfection. Special attention is paid to even the minutest of details – even the ones that you don’t notice immediately.

Comfort is also a huge point for luxury cars. Since they have to differentiate themselves quite a bit from the mass market, you will see tons of additions that will make your life easier. Seat warmers, for example, were first found in luxury cars. The same goes for GPS systems, sunroofs, tinted windows and the like. Indeed, once you get into a luxury vehicle, you are in for a treat. But then comes the question of costs.

The Issue With Pricing

A main problem for most luxury cars is the pricing. Not that it is high, but that it is often unclear. The difference between a budget car and a luxury one can be $80,000, right? Well, it can also be $150,000. Or $250,000. There comes a point where price is just a number and it does not correspond with quality.

We understand that a luxury vehicle cannot be cheap. But should it be extremely expensive? At what point are you paying for the brand instead for the car itself? Perhaps the luxury characteristic is getting a bit too… abused.

Truth be told, you can find a lot of regular models that have all the comfort additions of luxury brands without the respective price tag. Though certain details can be a bit off, I am not certain perfection is worth all the trouble. What do you think?